Resident Advocate Program

Proud to Serve Our Residents

The Luxe’s Resident Advocate program is dedicated to helping residents advance their lives by providing a range of social services and support. Partnering with non-profit organization Apartment Life, this program offers access to an onsite Resident Advocate who is already connected in the local community and has expertise in social services. At the Luxe, our Resident Advocate is dedicated to:

  • Helping residents apply for rent and utility assistance
  • Assisting students to succeed in school
  • Identifying job opportunities
  • Finding food assistance programs
  • Registering residents for mental health services, and much more

Located at the Luxe is also a dedicated Resident Advocate meeting space in which we welcome residents to visit for any and all needs during available office hours.

For those already living in this community, the resident portal is a great resource to learn more about opportunities, events, and Resident Advocate office hours.